How do I pay for classes?

All classes are paid for by standing order. When a child is ready to commit to a class following their introductory period, the parent will be required to set up a standing order which will result in a regular monthly payment. If the child decides to stop attending a class, the standing order should simply be cancelled once they have stopped attending. You will be sent a fees list when you enquire via email!

Do you offer trial classes?

New students can attend for 4 weeks on a pay per lesson basis. This means that your child can attend 4 lessons before you make your decision as to whether they would like to continue with us! Simply bring the money for the class with you each week until the first 4 weeks are over, at which point you will begin paying monthly by standing order.

Do I have to stay with my child in the class?

No! You do not need to stay with your child while they take part in their class. No parents are permitted into any of our classes, including Tippy Toes. There is a small waiting area where you can wait if you wish however parents of children in year 1 and above are encouraged to leave the studio to minimise disruption to classes

Is there a uniform?

Yes there is a uniform. No new student is expected to purchase the uniform until they have attended for 4 weeks and every effort is made to keep it as affordable as possible. There are also optional items such as leggings, t - shirts and hoodies which are all personalised! All uniform (excluding personalised items) is ordered by yourself via our online shop. Please visit the uniform page for the link!

When can I bring my child?

We enrol new students throughout the year. The only time we don't take new students is in the last few weeks leading up to a show, so to make sure that you can come along, drop us a quick message before hand. There could also be a waiting list for some classes, so always message before to avoid disapointment!

What should my child wear for their first few lessons?

Aim to put your child in comfortable, flexible clothing such as leggings, tracksuit bottoms etc Footwear should also be worn as children are not allowed to dance in socks/tights. They can dance barefoot if you wish.