To enrol your child in a class, please submit the new student’s registration form. For health and safety reasons this must be done before your child’s first class. It is advised that you contact us beforehand to ensure that there is space and that your child is joining the most appropriate class for them! Please also ensure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions of joining which can be found below. By registering your child, you are agreeing to these terms.


If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Terms and Conditions:

Payment- All new students have a 4 week settling in period during which their lessons can be paid for on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. At the end of 4 weeks, if they wish to keep attending, payment must be made monthly via standing order. Payment for lessons is spread out across the year into 12 equal monthly amounts. Each classes monthly cost can be found on the timetable and more information can be found in the payments document. No payment will result in refused entry to class.

Uniform-We have a uniform in place that ensures all dancers look smart and are appropriately dressed for their class. Uniform is not expected until the settling in period is complete. Uniform samples are available to try on in the foyer and can be purchased via the online shop, accessed via the website. Personalised options are also available, such as tops, hoodies, leggings and bags! Please ensure that hair is tied back in a bun (Ballet and Tap) or pony tail for class. Hair can be down for street and commercial only.


  • Children must arrive and be collected on time. Late arrival can not only be disruptive to the class, but also mean that the student misses the warm up, deeming participation in some classes unsafe.

  • Parents are not permitted to watch classes as this can be unsettling for other, less confident students whilst it is also a safeguarding issue. If you have any worries or questions regarding the content and running of classes, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that DDA is aware of all relevant medical conditions and that the student brings any relevant medications to class, e.g. inhalers, epi-pens etc. Please speak to me if you have any concern.

  • While the upmost care is taken to ensure the safety of students, a certain amount of risk is carried with all physical activity. Students take part in classes at their own risk.

  • It is expected that teachers, parents and students are all treated with respect. There will be zero tolerance regarding behaviour before, during and after class. DDA aims to have a warm, welcoming and friendly environment and so anybody who disrupts this will be asked to leave.